Shredded After 40
Imagine the confidence you'll experience just 4 short weeks from now after you've lost that last bit of stubborn fat, while transforming your body from looking good to jaw dropping great.

Imagine the pride you'll feel as you show off your shredded physique while hanging out by the pool, walking the beach, or simply mowing your lawn with your shirt off.

There's no reason for you to delay feeling this incredible sense of joy and satisfaction when you can take action today to finally carve out the lean beach body you deserve right here and right now.

And to eliminate the guesswork while making the process as simple and easy as possible for you, I'm going to share the exact workout and diet plan I used to lose the last bit of stubborn fat during a recent 4 week mini-cut to get shredded after 40.

NOTE: This is probably where I should insert some marketing hype about why the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course is a breakthrough in fat loss for men over 40 and how I finally discovered some ancient secret that will magically melt your belly fat away with minimal effort. And why it's not your fault you've struggled to lose this last 10 pounds of stubborn fat and how the fitness industry is conspiring against you and want to keep you fat.

But I won't insult your intelligence with marketing wizardry, nor will I waste your time with a long drawn out sales pitch full of cleaver words to persuade you into believing that you finally stumbled up the secret to losing stubborn belly fat.

Instead, I'll get right to the point so you can decide if the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course (the exact same plan I followed to lose the last bit of stubborn fat), is the right fit for you and you are willing to put it to work so you can finally carve out the lean and muscular physique you desire.
Meet Your Coach...
Shredded After 40 Mini Cut Success Story
Hi, coach Scott here and I absolutely freak'n love helping men over 40 like you obliterate stubborn fat and finally carve out the shredded body you deserve.

With 20+ years of physique coaching experience I’ve honed my skills for creating workout and diet plans that cause little interruption to your every day life while stripping away that last bit of stubborn fat.

This photo was taken the final day of the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course. Until the very end I maintained my strength, energy, and stamina.
And if you are wondering, yes I am a lifetime natural lifter and no I'm not on testosterone replacement therapy. I've got average genetics, which makes it just as challenging for me to lose fat and just as easy for me to gain fat as most of my fellow men over 40.
Here's How The Shredded After 40
Mini-Cut Course Works...
Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut is an online course digitally delivered in pdf format and through email. It is a step by step action plan providing you with 100% clarity to help you burn that last bit of stubborn fat in record time. Here's what's included;
Shredded After 40 Workout Plan
Hardcore, joint-friendly, and fun workout plan that's fully optimized and ideal for men over 40.
  • Physique focused training strategically designed for men over 40 to burn fat and carve out a shredded body in just 4 weeks!
  • Unique punish and prod 5 day training split that allows men over 40 to safely challenge your body while optimizing your recovery.
  • Advanced training techniques that will tap into muscle fibers that have gone untouched and challenge your body in unique ways to keep your enthusiasm sky high!
  • Video demonstrations of every exercise to ensure proper form and maximize the benefits from every rep.
NOTE: With many gyms still being closed, I have created multiple versions of the Shredded After 40 workout plan;

1) Fully equipped gym/home gym version, 2) dumbbell version, 3) dumbbell and resistance band version, 4) resistance band version. 
Shredded After 40 Nutrition Guide and 28 Day Meal Plan
Shredded After 40 Meal Plan
With the Shredded After 40 Meal Plan you'll see everything that went in my mouth for 28 days during this mini-cut.

You'll also see notes with the timing of my meals and the impact the meals had on my energy and performance in the gym.

You'll burn fat and carve out your shredded body in 4 weeks while enjoying delicious, satisfying, and easy to prepare meals.

You can either follow the exact 28 day meal plan I used or follow the nutrition guidelines to personalize the plan to your individual preferences.
You'll receive direction and clarity on hot topics such as:
  • How to include your favourite treats in your meal plan.
  • The best pre and post workout nutrition strategy.
  • Should you eat breakfast or skip it?
  • How many meals should you eat every day?
  • Should you include refeed days and cheat meals in your nutrition plan?
Shredded After 40 Cardio and Lifestyle Guide
This is the foundation that all of your fat loss success is built upon.
  • Managing and releasing stress to create on optimal hormonal environment to melt fat.
  • Improving quality and quantity of sleep for optimal recovery and appetite control.
  • Active recovery techniques that exponentially increase your caloric burn throughout the day while bringing joy to your life and releasing feel good fat burning hormones.
  • When applying these techniques your performance during your weight training sessions will dramatically improve.
  • Waste products, such as lactic acid will easily be removed from your working muscles and nutrients will be rapidly shuttled to your recovering muscle post workout to help them rebuild faster.
Daily Email Tips and Motivation
Receive a short and sweet daily email tip from coach Scott to help you stay on track and get the most out of your 4 week body transformation.
"Everything You Need To Immediately Begin
Getting Shredded After 40!"
With Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course you have a complete step by step blueprint to follow. This is the exact plan I have personally followed to pulverize stubborn fat. 

No guesswork. No frustration. 

This system includes:
  • Done-for-you workout program to get shredded with impressive muscular density.
  • Nutrition guidelines and Coach Scott's complete 28 day meal plan to fuel your shredded physique.
  • Cardio and Lifestyle guidelines to help you accelerate fat loss, improve recovery from your workouts, and live your life to the fullest.
  • Motivation, inspiration, and accountability in the form of daily email tips.
It couldn’t get any more simple. But this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

Getting shredded after 40 is going to take hard work and dedication on your part. You’ll need to give your very best effort while striving for your true potential.

Don’t worry. You have what it takes. Plus, I'm here to guide you and support you every step of the way.

So let’s do this together and show the world what you’re made of!
Get Immediate Access To Shredded After 40
and Sculpt Your Best Body Ever For Only...
        Try It Risk Free.
        You Have Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain
        100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

        You risk absolutely nothing when you invest in the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course.

        Put the plan to the test. Witness first hand, the excitement of sculpting a shredded physique. You will not only be satisfied, but I guarantee that you will be thrilled, motivated, and inspired. 

        But if for any reason at all you are not totally satisfied with the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course in 60 days, you'll receive your money back.

        I want you to sculpt your BEST body EVER by applying the incredibly effective strategies in the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course and become a success story so others can be inspired by YOU.

        You owe it to yourself to at least try the Shredded After 40 Mini-Cut Course and prove to yourself that you truly are capable of getting lean and staying lean after 40!
        Your Questions, Answered
        Q: What is Shredded After 40 and why is it the best way to sculpt an attractive physique that commands respect? 

        Shredded After 40 is strategically designed for an aging physique that's spent years under the bar.The structure of each workout will take the guesswork out of your training while the variety adds excitement to each session.

        These hardcore yet joint-friendly and fun workouts are BEST for carving out a shredded body after 40, because it applies a synergistic combination of exercises and advanced training techniques with a focus on developing spectacular symmetry and ideal proportions. Physique Training creates a finished and polished look that is both impressive and attractive.

        Shredded After 40 also includes delicious a 28 day meal plan that makes sticking to your fat loss diet simple and easy.

        You'll receive guidance, encouragement, and tips from coach Scott through daily emails to keep your motivation sky high.

        Q: Is Shredded After 40 ideal for me? 

        If you want to get shredded abs, biceps that stretch your sleeves, and a rock solid chiseled body without the process taking over your life... then ABSOLUTELY Shredded After 40 is for you!

        Q: Is Shredded After 40 for men, women, or both? 

        Shredded After 40 is designed for men.

        Q: Is Shredded After 40 a muscle building program or fat loss program? 

        Shredded After 40 is strategically designed for maximum fat loss while preserving your muscle mass.

        Q: Do I need a gym membership for the Shredded After 40 workouts? 

        Shredded After 40 has 4 different variations that are designed to be used 1) in a gym or a VERY well equipped home gym, 2) a dumbbell variation, 3) a resistance band variation, 4) and a combination of dumbbells and resistance bands.

        Q: Will Shredded After 40 work for men over 50? 

        Absolutely! There are many men over the age of 50 who have been experiencing fantastic results from following the Shredded After 40 plan. You're never too old to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life.

        Q: Is Shredded After 40 suitable for a beginner? 

        No. Shredded After 40 is designed for experienced intermediate and advanced lifters.

        Q: Is Shredded After 40 available on dvd or hard copy book? 

        There is no hard copy or dvd. Shredded After 40 is a downloadable program, which includes ebook in Adobe acrobat PDF format, audios in mp3 format, and online videos, which you can download to your computer or iPod.

        Q: Is it safe to order Shredded After 40 online? 

        Yes, the checkout page for Shredded After 40 is on a secure server.

        Q: What if I have questions or need help? 

        I am here to answer your questions you may have about Shredded After 40 and provide you with support every step of the way. I want to share in your journey and play a big role in your success. I love to interact with my Shredded After 40 customers.
        Get Immediate Access To Shredded After 40
        and Sculpt Your Best Body Ever For Only...

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